GRADE 9 Feb 14 Class Instructions

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Right now, the supply teacher should be reading through this together with you as a class using the Smartboard as your screen.  Please follow these step-by-step instructions for an introduction to the 4th R:

The 4th R is a concept that refers to the 3 Rs of learning…Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic (math), and the 4th R is RELATIONSHIPS.  Relationships play a vital role in everything we do during EVERY day of our lives, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Whether life is going good or we are struggling to get through, it is our relationships with OTHERS and with our SELF that dictate the course our lives will follow.

The 4th R has specific guidelines that are posted on the wall in the classroom.  Please look at these guidelines and know that they are there to “guide” you towards success in the 4th R.  Read each guideline and discuss it together…if your phone is going to be a distraction, leave it at the front with the supply teacher.  Knowing this and taking the necessary actions to prevent it from interfering with your learning are part of being a responsible and trustworthy student.

By the end of class today, you should have a clear understanding of:

1.  What is a relationship?

2.  How to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships

Now, to start your learning for today, watch THIS VIDEO on the Smartboard and think about the 3 different types of relationships that are discussed.

After the video, please review the 3 types of relationships mentioned in the video with the people or person next to you.  What makes them different?  What makes them the same?  Which type of relationship do you feel is the most important to you and why?  As a class, share your answers for the last question.

Following the discussion, the class will need to be divided into 6 groups.  One person from each group will get one small whiteboard from the side of the class on the table behind the computers (each board has a different heading), and one dry-erase marker for each person in their group from the bin beside the whiteboards.  The groups should be arranged in a way so that it will be easy for them to rotate from board to board, with the boards lying flat on the desks.  

Now, in the 6 small groups, you should be huddled around your board…read out the heading sentence as a group CAREFULLY.  The supply teacher will time you for 3 minutes to write down anything that comes to mind, it can be words or pictures.  Please be contentious of the amount of space you are using on the board keeping in mind that 6 groups of people will need to write on it.  The teacher will signal when time is up.

You will then rotate clockwise to the next board, read the answers from the previous groups and the teacher will time you for 3 minutes again to ADD to the previous group’s answers.  Please let the teacher know when you are back to your original board…GO!!!!!!

If time does not allow you to move past this point, please DO NOT erase the boards and return all markers to the bin and leave both where they were on the side computer table.  We will continue on Tuesday.

If time allows, please choose the best 3 answers from your original board and circle them.  As a group you will then need to prepare a short presentation as to why you think these 3 points are the most important.  Everyone in the group will present at the front of the classroom, everyone in the group needs to speak at some point (for example, one person can read the heading sentence, one person can explain one point, one person can explain the 2 other points and so on).  You will have about 5-8 minutes to prepare your presentation-  it is not enough to just decide who is doing what…you need to PRACTICE!  If you practice, you will speak with confidence and you’ll reduce any anxiety you may feel towards speaking in front of the class.  While you are preparing, the supply teacher will be coming around to record the names of the members of each group on her supply notes.

If time allows, you may start presentations.  The supply teacher will keep track of who has presented and who has not yet.

If everyone gets a chance to present, please erase the boards using the provided tissue in the marker bin.



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